our future storefront | january 28, 2019
For nearly a decade, we would pass through downtown Caddo Mils, not realizing one day that we might own a piece of history. On our way to school that morning, we stopped at the donut store in town. THAT PLACE IS CRAZY ON SCHOOL MORNINGS! Fighting traffic to back out, something caught my eye that I had never noticed before so I took a picture. I dropped the girls off and pulled back by the building. I turned around and went past it again - really slow this time so I could try to see inside. I probably did this a dozen times. If anyone noticed - I am sure they thought I was crazy! The last time I drove past it, I decided to stop. With a quick peek inside, I realized this would be a HUGE project and I wasn't sure if I was quite ready for that. I wrote down the phone number that was on the front door - just in case. A week or so went by. My boutique that was set up in our game room had doubled in size since we started in October 2018 and I was busting at the seems with inventory. I picked up my cell phone, and called the number I had written down from the building downtown. After talking on the phone and visiting the building, I knew this was where I was suppose to be. We should the keys to our NEW BUILDING within a few weeks!
January 28, 2019 — Brandy Cunningham

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